Stakeholders in their own words:


The Stakeholder Group was selected by the Brevard City Council and Planning Department to serve as advocates for the CODE•Brevard Project.  The members represent a cross section of interests and professions within the City of Brevard.  Their task is to become knowledgeable with the techniques and methods used to revise and prepare the new Zoning Ordinance.  As the Ordinance begins the review and approvals process, the Stakeholder members will listen and share information with the consultant Team, City Council and the public, making sure concerns and ideas are shared and properly vetted.  Their role is to serve as the Project’s ambassadors to the public, ensuring that the work undertaken to improve the Ordinance reflects the needs and aspirations of the City of Brevard’s residents and businesses.



Jimmy Harris is Mayor of Brevard and owner of Harris Hardware

Heath Seymour is the Executive Director of Heart of Brevard

Jimmy Perkins is the owner of local Brevard business DD Bullwinkel's

Parker Platt is a principal at Platt Architecture in downtown Brevard

Lori Roberts is the owner of local Brevard business Sunset Motel